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Safety Lights

These Safety Lights are designed for home owners, joggers, bikers, children and motorists.

highway safety light

The Highway Safety Light is a great addition to your vehicle's glove compartment. This super bright LED light can be seen for over a mile. You can switch between flashing light or steady light. You can attach it to your vehicle with the built in magnet or set it up on the road with the attached road stand. it is weather resistant and will run for 24 hours on 4 "AA" alkaline batteries.

$14.95 each

led safety lights
LED safety lights

Extra bright, high intensity LED Lights. Seven functions with different flashing patterns. Includes heavy duty PVC bike mount, arm or wrist strap and belt clip. Can be worn like a pager. A must for every biker, jogger, child or stranded motorist. Requires 2 AAA batteries.

$9.00 each

select from amber, green, red

Using the latest electro-luminescence technology, these 3 inch E-Buttons emit a radiant display of pulsating light. You can easily switch between 6 different flashing patterns. Featuring a clip, stand and pin, these buttons can be placed or fastened practically anywhere. Great safety lights for kids...they love them! Uses 4 "AAA" alkaline batteries.

$19.95 each

Currently out of stock on the above item. Please email us before you order so we can let you know if we have them back. Thanks


$19.95 each

Currently out of stock on the above item. Please email us before you order so we can let you know if we have them back. Thanks


$19.95 each

Currently out of stock on the above item. Please email us before you order so we can let you know if we have them back. Thanks

The small Blinkies (1 inch) lights are lit by one high-intensity flashing LED bulb. They can clip on shoes, clothing, backpacks or anything else to make you or your child very visible at night. They can also be used as a key chain. Batteries included.
Safety Lights

$2.95 each


$2.95 each

safety lights

$2.95 each




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